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Al Convento Bistrot

The Al Convento Bistrot is situated on the ground floor of the Casa and welcome it’s guests in the ancient cloister and in a cosy room, the former friars’ kitchen, renamed “fireplace room”, for the beautiful fireplace in the centre.

The ancient and original cloister is a magical, sheltered and cool environment where our guests can relax tasting a glass of Chianti Classico and savoring the Bistrot’s cuisine.

What we offer


The menu offer of the Bistrot is linked to traditional dishes, revisited in a contemporary way, but above all to the use of fresh and genuine products, with particular attention to seasonal ingredients.


The experts of the “Casa Chianti Classico” will be able to offer you the most suitable combinations for the dishes on the menu and to advise you by answering your questions and curiosities about the world of wine.